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When to Look for an Orthopedic Surgeon Chicago Expert

When to Look for an Orthopedic Surgeon Chicago Expert  

The human body is composed of numerous joints, which gives him the ability to locomote freely and independently without strain. However, certain conditions such as disease, genetic disorders, accidents, and occupational injuries, among others can make it difficult for these joints and nearby body parts to function optimally and free from pain. When you experience pain or functional difficulties in areas such as your back, shoulder, knees, hips, feet, hands, ankles, wrists, or elbows, it might be the right time to look for an Orthopedic Surgeon Chicago Expert. Lucky enough, you don’t have to look further than the Spine and Hand Surgery Center at Gold Coast, Chicago Orthopaedic. At Chicago Orthopaedic we are always ready to help you recover from the above or other similar problems and leave you with an improved quality of life, free from pain and agony.

Surgical Treatment for Spinal Problems:

When you have a back pain or injury whose pain radiates from the spinal region, bending, walking, or going along with your normal day-to-day activities can be a huge challenge depending on the severity of your issue. At Chicago Orthopaedic we have a number of treatment options for spinal and back problems, some of which include physical therapy, non-incisive surgical treatment, minimally invasive or band-aid back surgery, and medication therapy such as trigger-point, and lumbar epidural injections, among others. Our major specialization is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, which is only done by 3 board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon Chicago Experts in the area. One of these three is our very own Dr. Robert J Fink, reputed for his enormous expertise and experience in orthopedic surgery in Chicago. Extruding, bulging, herniated, or protruding spinal discs can also be removed through endoscopic treatment to free you from the pain and agony and allow you back to your normal duties as a pain-free person.

Shoulder, Hand & Elbow Treatments

Shoulder Orthopedic Treatments: We also address shoulder problems such as rotator cuff injuries, loose bodies, impingement syndrome, internal derangement, and torn biceps muscle, among others. One of the major surgical procedures for orthopedic shoulder treatment is arthroscopic surgery.

Hand and Elbow Treatments: We also have a wide variety of treatment options for hand problems, including treatment for nerve entrapment syndromes, carpal, radial, and cubital, tunnel, deformities, fractures, bumps, lumps, cysts, loose bodies, dis arrangements, torn ligaments, and much more.

Knee, Foot, & Ankle Problems:

The knee, foot, and ankle are some of the most vital parts of the leg, which may sometimes develop function problems due to reasons such as overuse, disease, injury, and genetic disorders among others.

Knee Orthopedic Treatment: For the knees, we have treatment approaches such as arthroscopic surgery, which are done to repair torn cartilage, reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligaments, treatment of loose bodies, and therapy for ligament injuries.

Ankle Orthopedic Treatment: we also specialize in arthroscopic ankle surgery among other surgical and non-surgical procedures to remove ankle loose bodies, bumps, lumps, angular deformities, internal derangement, ganglion cysts, among other problems.

Foot Orthopedic Treatment: Our Orthopedic Surgeon Chicago expert center also provides treatment for foot warts, bunions, hammertoes and nail deformities among other issues.

Joint Replacement:

For the severe, but rather rare cases of joint disorder, injuries, and dysfunctions, a total replacement of the joint may be required. This can be in areas such as the hip, knee, elbow, foot, or shoulder. TJR procedures are mostly done through an inpatient treatment program and Chicago Orthopaedic.